Driving the PSP display with a FPGA

A2DGL() - A 2D Graphics Library: is a hardware accelerated graphics library for FPGAs and Microcontrollers. Mission Statement: produce a Borland(TM) BGI type graphics library with modern computer graphics constructs. Project Page:

The Missing Lecture Notes

The Missing Lecture Notes (MLN) series begins with Ben Popoola's popular series on hardware design. This series includes developing driver boards for the LQ043T3DX02 (Sony PSP) display, the OT-CO430-2P display and the development of a skeleton device drivers.

The Scientific Engineer

FPGA Design Tutorials. The first set of tutorials begin by developing a serial communications protocol between the DE0 Nano and a PC, using a USB to serial converter.

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In the News #5 - The Arduino TRE

Hot on the heels of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+ with its quad core processor, Arduino are set to release the Arduino TRE consisting of an AVR arduino and a 1-GHz Sitara AM335x processor, which allows makers to get up to 100 times more performance than the Arduino Leonardo or Uno. The TRE is set to host a Linux operating system that will allow users to run processing-intensive algorithm and high-speed communications, alongside the Arduino's traditional applications. Sounds similar to Intel's Galileo doesn't it? Also, this will be the first Arduino manufactured in the U.S and not in Italy or China.

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In the News #4 - The ARM, IBM Internet of Things Starter Kit

ARM and IBM have teamed up to produce an Internet of Things (IoT) starter kit, consisting of an ARM mbed enabled development board and an application board containing sensors. The kit has been designed to "spur on the invention" of Internet-connected gadgets in about five minutes, that is, from the time the kit is unboxed. It works by allowing the devices, hosting an ARM Cortex-M4 processor, to connect to IBM's cloud services and start sending readings to online apps.

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In The News #3 - FTDI's SuperSpeed USB3.0 Devices

FTDI are set to release a series of USB3.0 devices to complement their renowned USB endpoint-to-FIFO bridge USB 2.0 (FT232H) and USB 1.1 (FT245) ones, which have been available for a few years.  Available with optional 16-bit and 32-bit FIFO interfaces, the FT600 will be the first device released in the series. This is splendid news and music to the ears of the FPGA community, as the device could be used to  provide FPGA enhanced applications with simplified connectivity to host computers, with data transfer rates of up to 5 Gpbs.

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In The News #2 - The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+

Without much fanfare the new Raspberry Pi 2 (B Model) has arrived on our doorsteps, well ours  did! This is the first major upgrade the world's most popular single-board computer has received, since its first release in 2012. This is a much needed upgrade that allows the Pi to compete against its faster contemporaries, including the Beagle Bone and the Banana Pi.

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In The News #1 - Free Non-Commercial Renderman

For years 3D animation hobbyists interested in Renderman, but not wanting to fork out the ££££ required for a  license, have had to rely on third-party REYES compliant renderers like, Aqsis (a favourite of ours), Pixie, Gelato, Angel and others.

Previously, we had used Aqsis, however in 2015, Pixar the owners of Renderman are due to release a free. non-commercial, version of their famous software.

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