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Vacation (8): Diversity, Brighton Center, Brighton, Dec, 2014, Part 2

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The Brighton Centre is situated opposite the Brighton seafront, which makes it especially nice to go to during the summer, as one can hang out along the seafront before and after a show. Although as commented previously it gets quite chilly during the winter months and a walk along the seafront is not recommended.

It has a capacity of 4,500, which is probably its downside, as not all artists are comfortable performing in front of a maximum capacity audience of that size. 

We are lucky every now and again though, as some major artists do come down, like earlier in the year when we had Little Mix! Next year we will be spoilt for choice with the Kaiser Chiefs and Paloma Faith performing, amongst others. We ARE spoilt for choice! Anyway, this blog entry is a continuation of the last one about Diversity at the Brighton Centre.



An audio-visual narration followed about how a baddie was determined to destroy earth and only Diversity and friends could save the world. Life is not all about dancing, as they now had responsibilities, a bit like Gordon Brown, they had to save the world, although not from a looming financial catastrophe.

The friends of Diversity looked and performed like professional acrobats with moves that were eye watering. How one dancer, the one on the left, managed to hold his legs at a right angle to his body defied imagination. Miraculous! I attend body balance classes every now and again and find even basic poses difficult. What a guy!


The bad guy, seen in the centre of the stage in this picture, would be introduced to us as the Destroyer. "Get it? Destroy the world, The Destroyer?" Anyway, he was not going to be out done by Diversity and friends and while Diversity was being given instruction by a bare chested, important looking character he decided to display his own dance moves. This was accompanied by boos of derision from the audience, especially the younger ones. I though he was quite cool myself!


Before taking on the Destroyer and probably in anticipation of being severely manhandled, Diversity decided that now would be a good time to take some selfies, solo and with members of the audience. If I was going to take on the Destroyer I would want to leave some momentos behind, of my time in the world, too. We were then informed that these would be posted on Facebook and Twitter. Nice Touch! It shows how relevant they are and why they appeal to younger theatre goers. Nice!


Before it all began to kick-off with the Destroyer, there was some romantic interest introduced, in the form of some lasses that Diversity met back in time, in the 1940's. The saxophonist was awesome, the female dancers were great and the tap dancer wasn't too bad either. There was even a miniature Perry lookalike, which got the Justin Bieber  fan base members of the audience cooing with delight. He even contributed a back flip or two, as if to validate his authenticity and rubber stamp his claim to being Perry's heir apparent.


The Destroyer not to be out done by all of this decide to put on a funky display of his own in a kind of gyrating style that all baddies do. You could tell he was in the mood and could not wait for it all to kick-off. Like most villains of the peace he probably couldn't wait to destroy  his next set of foes. 


Eventually, we had the "Boss Level", as my son described it, where the Destroyer thought it would be a good time to, single-handedly, mess everyone up. He did not have time to faff around either, as he quickly made short work of Diversity and friends one by one with a somersault here and a tumble there. There were bodies everywhere. Finally, only Ashley, Diversity's lead was left ...


... so the Destroyer decided to kick his ass too! LOL.


The audience looked on in open mouthed disbelief, in shock, some were close to tears. If I had any tears left to shed, then I might have been close to tears myself. How could this be? How could Ashley our hero have been defeated by the Destroyer? Maybe the Destroyer hadn't read the script?  However, as we all know by now it is never over until the fat lady sings and just like in the real world a miraculous recovery was followed by a  rematch to give Good a chance to prevail over Evil.  


At the end of the show Diversity and friends, who played an enormous part in adding variety and added entertainment and value to the show, received a thunderous standing ovation. It was well deserved too. Our final act was to brave the freezing cold weather, to get back to the car, where the kids promptly fell asleep before we got home! All in a day's service.

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