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Netbeans IDE 7,1,1 - Installation (Win Vista)

0000434aNetBeans is a development environment for Java, as well as other  programming languages like C/C++. It is an extensible system based upon plugins, some of which have been ported from Eclipse. This particular installation was undertaken with Java jdk-7u3 installed.


The first thing to do, when installing the NetBeans environment, is to decide what download bundle you require. I couldn't really make up my mind, so I decide go for the "Full Monty" and selected the bundle that installed everything, i.e the monty. Even though I only want to use it for Java application programming, for now anyway.


Once you have downloaded the package, which took a few minutes, the installer awaits.


Next, you are given the opportunity to accept the License Agreement ....


... and another one.


You are then allowed to choose an installation directory. I left the setting on the default option.


Installing GlassFish comes next. Since I didn't know what that is I promised myself to find out more about it later.  My spellchecker hadn't heard of it either!


 An installation summary follows. At this stage of the installation I was so bored, that I would have accepted anything to just install the software. Fortunately, the summary looked decent enough so I clicked on next.


The installation follows and it took quite a long time too.


 Finally, an installation. All I need to do now is test it . If I am really unlucky it wouldn't have installed properly and I would have to go through the whole process again!


The NetBeans IDE program can be found in the Windows menu. Clicking on it loads it.


The IDE can be seen below. The whole process seemed to be all so pedestrian. Hopefully, application software written with it will execute faster.


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