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AutoTweet NG - Joomla (1.7) Installation and Testing


0000378AutoTweet NG, available from, posts the title and URL of newly posted Joomla articles, forum posts and other Joomla content to Twitter (or Facebook, Email accounts and other social channels) as a status message. This article refers to the non-commercial, free version, which has the following limitations. 

  • Channels are limited to 2 channels. So you can create 2 channels only.
  • Only Twitter and Facebook are supported. No support for other channels.
  • No support for "Use own App/API"-Feature.
  • No support for Yourls.
  • No cronjob support.
  • No support for direct messages.
  • Only the Content-Extension plugin is available for free (All other plugins are included in the subscription for the Pro version).

The installation notes are from an installation on Joomla 1.7

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Google Analytics - Joomla (1.6) Installation and Testing


There appears to be many different routes in getting Google Analyics installed on your Joomla website. I decided to use the J!Analytics - Google Analytics module available from the Joomla Extensions directory. However, my installation did not go as smoothly as the documentation that accompanies the module suggested that it should. This was due mainly to the version of Joomla supported by the documentation. Anyway here is the "round about way" I used to get Google Analytics working with a Joomla 1.6 template.


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Codels Code Highlighter Button - Joomla (1.6) Installation and Testing


Codels CodeHighlighter and CodeHighlighterButton, as the names suggests, are useful Joomla plugins for highlighting snippets of code in one's Joomla articles. What makes this combination of packages different, from other code highlighting solutions, is that the code upload and installation process has been turned into a point-and-click process.

It supports a wide variety of scripting and programming languages including C/C++, CSS, Python, SQL, Bash(Shell) amongst many others. This article documents my experience with downloading and installing the extensions, with Joomla 1.6, and using it to highlight code in the C programming language.

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Joomla Shack's - JS_Phenom Template


"This is one 'phenomenally' easy template to customize!" or so Joomla Shack say and I couldn't agree more. The JS Phenom Joomla template from Joomla Shack is one my favourite templates. In this, and other articles in this series, I have targeted the use of the template at Joomla 1.6 hosted website. Its behaviour, as a template in Jooma 1.7, will be interesting to witness although it is anticpated that there will be very few problems.

Here I document my experience in using the template to build a Joomla, Content Management System (CMS, hosted website.

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