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Joomla Shack's - JS_Phenom Template


"This is one 'phenomenally' easy template to customize!" or so Joomla Shack say and I couldn't agree more. The JS Phenom Joomla template from Joomla Shack is one my favourite templates. In this, and other articles in this series, I have targeted the use of the template at Joomla 1.6 hosted website. Its behaviour, as a template in Jooma 1.7, will be interesting to witness although it is anticpated that there will be very few problems.

Here I document my experience in using the template to build a Joomla, Content Management System (CMS, hosted website.

Exploring JS_Phenom

The JS_Phenom template is described,  quite aptly, in this  quote, copied from Joomla Shack's website, of some of the features of the template:

"Phenom comes with 8 cool preset color schemes to get you started and over 24 style parameters can be easily edited right from the Phenom template parameters page in your Joomla backend--such as font colors, link colors, page columns, logo options, backgrounds and many more."

The module positions of the JS Phenom widget can be seen in the Figure below.  To be continued ....

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