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Google Analytics - Joomla (1.6) Installation and Testing


There appears to be many different routes in getting Google Analyics installed on your Joomla website. I decided to use the J!Analytics - Google Analytics module available from the Joomla Extensions directory. However, my installation did not go as smoothly as the documentation that accompanies the module suggested that it should. This was due mainly to the version of Joomla supported by the documentation. Anyway here is the "round about way" I used to get Google Analytics working with a Joomla 1.6 template.


The Installation Process

The first stage of the installation process, according to the accompanying documentation, is to locate and modify your Joomla template. The modification of the template requires the insertion of  the line of code, shown below, just before the </body> html tag of the template.

<jdoc:include type="modules" name="googleanalytics" style="raw" />

It was at this very first stage that the installation became unstuck as the method of modifying the template, in the documentation, appeared to be for Joomla 1.5 and not version 1.6. After lots of toing and froing I eventually found a forum that recommended modifying the template directly. Hence, I located the file template.php in the /templates/<template-name>/ folder of my Joomla installation and downloaded it to my PC using the FTP software, Filezilla. The line of code added to the template.php file can be seen at line 106.

<?php echo $this->params->get("footerscript",""); ?>
<jdoc:include type="modules" name="googleanalytics" style="raw" />

After this preliminary task has been completed and the modified template.php file had been copied back to the website, proceed by continuing to follow the installation procedure in the documentation. It is assumed that at this point you have registered with Google Analytics and that you have a Web Property ID(UA-xxxxxxx-x).

The J!Analytics module is uploaded and installed using Joomla's extension manager in the usual way as can be seen in the Figure above.

To configure the module it is necessary to locate the J!Analytics module using the "Module Manager" sub menu item of the "Extensions" menu item. The configuration parameters that have been used can be seen in Figure above. For the module's position "googleanalytics" has been manually typed in as described in the documentation.

In the "Basic Options" window once the Google Analytics ID, What you are tracking and the Domain name have been provided the J!Analytics module configuration process is complete.


This has been a fairly straightforward module to use for installing Google Analytics on a Joomla enabled website. Apart from the initial bleep of circumventing the documentation to add the mandatory line of code in the template.php file, the documentation has been spot-on. To verify that the installation process has been successful logon to your Google Analytics account and check the status of the website, that matches the Google Analytics ID used, during the installation process. If all has gone well there should be a tick in the status column.

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