Tutorial 2 : Part 1 - "Hello World" using FPGAs

2.1 Introduction


It is customary to acquire a new FPGA development board or evaluation kit, try the accompanying demonstration programs, get bored with the accompanying demonstration programs and then wonder what to do next.

More often than not the newly acquired item is placed on a dust covered shelf and a mental note is made to do something commendable with the board sometime in the future. Unfortunately, for most of us, this mental note is registered in our hippocampus, but never recalled or executed.

As this has happened to us far too often we have decided to take action to avoid it happening again. Hence, we have come up with what we think is, if we can say so ourselves, a good idea for a series of tutorials, which we could use to put each new development board or kit we purchase immediately through its paces in an interesting way.

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