SK-TDA4VM - On the Artificial Intelligence Edge

 In this article I explore the use case of the SK-TDA4VM Starter Kit, as an EdgeAI device. Also, I plan the steps required to run the TensorFlow clothing classification tutorial on the kit.

SK-TDA4VM - Starter Kit Power Supply Requirements

I received the TDA4VM Edge AI starter kit in the post a few days ago. The kit is supplied without a power supply, so in this quickfire post I'll  present some thoughts and ideas on powering the board. Can something cheaper like a Universal USB-C power supply, typically available with the Raspberry Pi 4, be used.

SK-TDA4VM - Raspberry Pi 4 USB Type-C Power Supply

Can a Raspberry Pi 4 power supply be used to power the SK-TDA4VM Starter Kit? This article discusses powering the SK-TDA4VM, using the 18W Argon ONE Raspberry Pi 4  Power Supply.

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